Looking for a unique, timeless gift or just to capture your favourite memories?
Commission your very own hand drawn pencil drawing from your treasured photographs. These original pieces of art are a perfect way to make that special moment, person or pet last forever. A unique way to permanently capture a moment that can last generations.

Ideal for any occasion including: 

  • PETS

I dont require a series of sittings I work entirely from digital photographs which customers can send to me via email. Working directly from customer photos I am able to take commissions from anywhere in the Netherlands or overseas. On this page you’ll find information about the process of commissioning a pencil portrait,

Just choose your favourite photo and decide on the size you would like. Send me an e-mail at kovacsbeata671@gmail.com with a reference picture and I will contact you directly to discuss the size and your preferred method of payment

I require a 50% down payment before I will start any work. When that is received, I will start your commission. When the work is done I always provide an opportunity for you to view a scan of your portrait with a watermark when completed, so you can let me know if there’s anything you want me to change. If the customer feels revisions need making, I will revisit the work until it’s right
 My aim is always for you to be completely satisfied with your finished portrait, and as a result I have many returning customers.
If you are satisfied with the results you will then receive an invoice for the remaining 50% balance including shipping costs if applicable.Please note, I can’t change everything on the finished drawing. Example: lighten the whole drawing when it’s finished. Taking of accessories like, jewellery, sunglasses ect. Also I don’t do writing on the drawing.

Also remember, I do not provide mattes or frames – I only offer the artwork. Finally, I do not include backgrounds.

I like to use Faber-Castell and Hoh-I-Noor hardtmuth pencils in several different grades, ranging from H2 down to a very soft 8B. 
When the portrait is finished I spray it with a specialist fixative spray to stop any of the graphite from rubbing off. Lastly I’ll place it within a cellophane sleeve. Pencil portraits are sent out sandwiched between high stiffness cardboard sheets.


The type of photos that make a good drawing are varied, but the quality of the photograph is important. 

I draw what I can see. That means that if the photograph is blurred or out of focus, the photograph is unlikely to be suitable. Similarly, if the subject is quite small in the photograph, and you need to zoom in and enlarge the relevant portion, this would likely result in a blurred image too.

The subject should be clear and in focus and, if you would like a traditional portrait, they should be central and significant part of the photograph.

Due to the high level of detail in my portraits, the better the quality of the image, the better the drawing! . Make sure the picture is a decent size and detailed (remember I can only draw what I see so if the detail is low, the detail in the drawing will be low
Because of this, you can send me more than one picture and if you can’t decide I can choose which picture would be the best for drawing.

Suitable pictures

In general, photographs should be in focus and the subject should be clear. The drawing will only be as detailed as the photo you are sending, so photographs should not be blurred. High resolution digital photographs are preferred.. Generally speaking however, if you are happy with the photograph and the subject is clear, it is likely it will make a good drawing. I will not accept a commission if I am not comfortable that the photograph will produce a drawing of good quality.

Multiple objects

Drawings of multiple subjects can be constructed from multiple photographs. However, if the light is different for each photograph, the composite drawing will look unnatural.
In combining more than one subject from separate photos then make sure to send me more than one picture from each person so then I can deside which picture will be the best because of the perspective., The key element is that the light source of all photos come from the same direction. It goes a long way to making it easier to give you my best work.
If you would like me to draw from multiple photographs, it therefore works best if they were all taken as part of a photoshoot in one location to ensure the light is consistent in each.